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Galaxy Commerce™

Galaxy CMS™

Defeat COVID-19 and come back stronger and smarter!

With the world "on hold" in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, expectations for 2021 are high! Every next year we set new business goals, but in 2021 we have to work a lot harder (and smarter) in order to catch up with what was lost and/or did not get done in 2020...

GalaxyLinq is ready to take on the challenge - to bring technology and automation to help your business adapt and continue growing in Covid/post-Covid world.

Galaxy Commerce ™

Galaxy Commerce ™

We can get your custom enterprise E-Commerce webstore up and running in no time using our Galaxy Commerce ™ set of components and modules. You won't be stuck with just some out-of-the-box features. We can quickly and easily tweak your installation to incorporate your own custom features and requirements.

Highly Customizable e-Commerce Platform

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New sotfware packages:

 - Integrated Wholesale Module for B2B E-Commerce.

 - Offer Financing For Your Products And Services.

Galaxy CMS ™

Galaxy CMS ™

Are you spending too much time, manpower, and money managing your growing enterprise website? Are things getting out of control and disorganized?

Let us help. Our Galaxy CMS ™ can make your life easier and worry free. This product will put you in control, giving you the tools to optimize and structure your website content in ways both your audience and search engines can understand. In both cases it will benefit YOU!

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Online Payments

Through the years we have integrated our Galaxy Commerce modules with more than 40 payment gateways. If you want to start taking online payments, we have probably already worked with your merchant provider and can help you take your first online payment in no time. We will tailor and tweak your online-payment process to your exact needs and requirements. You would be able to realize the true benefits of automation and integration, with higher sale conversions, the highest levels of process automation, and minimal manual work.

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Recurring Payments

Today, businesses are trying to convert their selling or billing models to a recurring model – instead of selling a product once, those products would be sold and clients would be billed on an automated, recurring basis. This applies not only to products but to services, too. Once a business is able to build and sustain a willing customer base, it can benefit from converting or optionally offering recurring billing and payments options to their customers. With a good planning and proper implementation, automated recurring payments will benefit your business!

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