No Outsourcing - All GalaxyLinq Products Are Coded In-House No Outsourcing - All GalaxyLinq Products Are Coded In-House

GalaxyLinq Suite of Products

Backed up with prompt and effective customer support!

About Our Products

We believe in structure and organization. And when it comes to our software solutions and products, structure and organization have been the building blocks for all of our products.

We guarantee we will be able to promptly and effectively support our products and answer any technical questions about any product we have delivered to our clients - with no exceptions!

There is only one way to guarantee this:

No Source Code Outsourcing

We produce all source code "in-house" - it is all made proudly in the USA, in our main headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Being the sole copy writer of all of our software products ensures we will always be in a position to easily maintain and promptly troubleshoot, modify, enhance, tweak, and add on to any product we have built.

No Third-Party Components

We prefer to use as little third-party components as possible – ideally, none! Anytime time there is a third-party involved, there is a higher chance of unplanned delays and uncertainties, and we would prefer to rule such chances out, whenever possible.

GalaxyLinq Components

Through the years, we have developed, perfected, and packaged a set of our own reusable tools, components, and libraries, which end up being part of almost any project we tackle. This ensures we have a solid and proper foundation to build on.