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Email Marketing Integration

Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing, as old fashioned as it is, continues to be a big channel in the overall online marketing and advertising practices. The simple reason for it being so popular and still widely used is simply its effectiveness. In spite of lower opens and conversion rates, it’s still effective and cost efficient, in terms of the final cost per lead and cost per sale, because it is relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain and run effectively.

For example, if you sent out 5,000 emails from your last promotional campaign, you may get 250 opens, and only 25 orders which is barely a 0.5% conversion. But if you didn’t send any promotional emails, you would have had 25 fewer sales – along with lower sales volume and revenue.

The first step with email marketing is building a willing, happy, and satisfied customer base. If you have done that already, then let us help you start your first email campaign. Or perhaps you're sending emails already but you're having difficulty keeping your mailing list in sync with your live database. We can help - let us automate and integrate everything for you.

The benefits and possibilities are endless:

  • Thank-you emails, embedding relevant additional products and services
  • Shipping-confirmation emails, embedding promo codes for future purchases
  • Announcing temporary promotional codes, product bundles, and special offers
  • Staying in touch with your customers by sending monthly newsletters
  • Over time, you can create targeted/smart segmentations of your master list based on user activity and interest, increasing the conversions of your future emails
  • Promoting new products and services
  • Holiday Promotions – sales on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year's Day
  • Special events
  • Feature announcements
  • Events and seminars

We can seamlessly and effectively integrate your data with specialized email-marketing companies. We have worked with the most common providers, utilizing their various APIs to push customers' data and automate your transactional emails or promotional email campaigns. We can recommend, assist, and automate the integration and data migration from your CRM to any third-party email-marketing company.