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High Volume Data Processing

High Volume Data Processing

Need to process unusually high volumes of data? We can help. This is our specialty!

We are very familiar with all the implications and details that need to be considered in order to handle enterprise volumes of data (members, orders, transactions, receipts, invoices, and more).

Most vendors out there can handle systems with few thousands of data records, like orders, members, receipts, and subscriptions. But when the volume spikes, it gets tricky. When orders, invoices, members, subscriptions, or records, hit volumes of one million or more, certain actions (or, in technical terms, queries) may become too slow, and end users may experience delays. That’s when the software architecture and the overall experience of your software vendor will show. You’ll find out if your software was done right or if corners were cut.

There are two reasons why you may be experiencing such issues and should be looking to improve your processes:

You are using a solution that was not designed to grow and scale up with the volumes of data and transactions you are trying to push through.

Your business has grown exponentially and the process that has worked for you for years is now becoming cumbersome and time-consuming.

If those scenarios sound familiar, or if you’re worried that your software will not grow effectively with your business, contact us to see how we can help you. We understand the issues and the complications that come with high volumes of data and millions of transactions. And most important, we have managed to find a solution every time we were asked to do so.