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Integrated Ecommerce and CMS Products

Proven, volume tested, scalable, and ready to go-live!

Custom Shopping Cart, E-Commerce CRM, CMS Systems

GalaxyLinq suite of E-Commerce and CMS modules are designed right from the ground up!

We know our E-Commerce and CMS products and what they are capable of - we designed and implemented them in-house, applying the latest software technologies and best practices. And we proudly maintain and support them.

We understand no two businesses are alike. We designed our E-Commerce Shopping Cart and CMS products for customization - to be fine-tuned, tweaked, and built upon, to accommodate your specific business models and requirements. This is where GalaxyLinq can shine - tailoring and adjusting our products and solutions to not just simply work for your business, but to work in the most efficient way possible!

We are confident that we can build all-in-one integrated E-Commerce and CMS solution for your enterprise or mid-level business like no other software vendor can. Our solutions are dependable, scalable, efficient and flexible, and will be able support, expand, and grow your business.

Galaxy Commerce ™

Galaxy Commerce ™ is a robust E-Commerce platform with multiple modules that have taken millions of online orders and transactions in multiple currencies. It is pre-integrated with 40+ online payment gateways and numerous fulfillment companies, packed with tons of standard features, and can be easily customized to add your own business features so you can easily get an edge on your competition.
Take control and streamline your online commerce processes with Galaxy Commerce ™!

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Galaxy CMS ™

Modern content-management systems (CMS) build on Microsoft.NET and Microsoft SQL Server platforms and technologies – Galaxy CMS ™ securely exposes and brings the content management of your websites to your fingertips. While applying the best common SEO practices, and allowing multiple users permission-based access, Galaxy CMS ™ serves your content at blazing fast speeds. Imagine serving a content page from a website with 30,000+ individual pages within 300 milliseconds – that’s priceless!

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Online Payments

Do you want to accept payments online? Do not let your merchant banks stick you with outrageous transaction and monthly fees. We can walk you through the entire process of getting set up to accept payments online. For us, it’s simple. We have done it hundreds of times.

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Recurring Billing & Payments

We have developed a recurring billing and online payments system that makes it easy to maintain subscribers to your business services and/or products. You can collect their membership or subscription payments monthly, weekly, or in any other frequency. Included is full-featured customer management interface (CRM) which allows you to fully manage your payment profiles, plans, prices, and billing frequencies. Plus you get the security and peace of mind of PCI DSS hosting environment, if you decide to host your solution with GalaxyLinq.

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Subscriptions & Memberships

Based on our Recurring Billing and Payments Component, the Subscriptions and Memberships layer adds web services and end points, which will allow programmatic interaction with your data. In the simplest cases, we would set up an "API end point" to allow you or your service vendor to programmatically access your data and query the status of your members and subscribers before rendering a service.

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Multi-level Websites & Microsites

We have the components, tools, and experience to easily launch and support complex enterprise websites for companies and organizations that have multiple regional offices, sites, and centers, giving the corporate site and the microsites the same corporate look and feel with different content. Corporate administrators can decide what content is mandatory and should be present on all microsites, while microsite administrators can also edit or remove content. This solutions is based on our Galaxy CMS ™, and has been tested numerous times in a high-volume enterprise environments with over 150 microsites.

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