Galaxy CMS ™ Fast & Reliable Content Management System

Galaxy CMS™

Very light and fast CMS based on Microsoft.NET and SQL Server

Galaxy CMS ™

Allow Galaxy CMS ™ to bring web content management to your fingertips!

There are numerous content-management systems in the market today. Although some have good features and open-source code, users often have to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to make the systems do specific things. And when those users call support personnel, they have to wait for help, which may never come...

We don't want to put you in that position, so we won't use third party CMS systems. We wrote our own! We created our own Content Management System: Galaxy CMS ™. It has all the basic features of any CMS system, plus some of our own custom features that would be hard to find elsewhere.

If we are working with you to design, create, and launch your new website, you will be getting our Galaxy CMS ™ content management system. This is the only way we can guarantee that we can always answer your questions in a timely manner without the need to reach out and rely on third parties. The fact that is our own product ensures that we will be able to effectively support and maintain your website - because we have the all blue prints for it.

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