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Multi-Level Websites & Microsites

Create and manage microsites for all your business locations

Multi-level Websites & Microsites

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Galaxy CMS ™

We have proven the concept, and we have the common tools, components, and an overall framework to easily launch multi-level websites for enterprise businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations with multiple physical locations and multiple sites.

This multi-level website/microsites solution is based off our Galaxy CMS ™, but enhanced by a set of components and options that allows the main business/corporate owner to easily create hundreds of microsites – one site for each location, regional office, franchise center, or any additional business physical location.

Features & Benefits of Multi-level Websites and Microsites

  • Microsites can easily inherit all the benefits of the corporate site – look and feel, featured products and services, trademarks, shared case studies, blogs, and more. This feature specifically is very useful for companies offering franchisee opportunities. With our system, each new franchisee will get a fully functional, dedicated website with a click of a button, maintaining the corporate appearance and ensuring the protection by the corporate brand identity and policies
  • Corporate admins can easily propagate and publish desired corporate content to all of their microsites. This feature saves time, allowing an admin to push shared content to all of the microsites in a controlled fashion, while automatically maintaining the corporate look and feel and promoting the your business brand or trademark
  • Each site can showcase its physical location in its own way, to be unique and appealing to local customers by sharing individual success stories, and the specific strengths of products and services. This is primarily effective when targeting local customers. This feature will allow you to fine tune and SEO optimize your microsites to target and attract local customers, the main benefit of the franchisee business structure
  • Users can interactively search and display a list of all your locations, including mapping of all locations, along with proximity search options.
  • Microsites will allow each site admin to publish content, with the content type predefined and authorized by the main corporate admin. Furthermore, an approval process can be easily set up so site admins can push content for preview; the preview content is saved in a queue for the corporate users to review, approve, and publish
  • Because of variations in company policies, corporate admins may block site admins from publishing content, if they want to retain strict control of the sites. The process of publishing and approval can incorporate custom workflows and processes that govern the publishing process.
  • Our software provides the ability to offer the latest technologies and automations to all of your physical locations, offices, centers, or franchisees. Some business practices and processes are the same for all locations. We can automate redundant tasks, which will result in huge savings in time, resources, and money.

Because Galaxy CMS ™ is our own CMS, we can add any customizations, tweaks, and custom features quickly and efficiently, delivering a complex solution tailored to your business at very competitive costs.

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