Galaxy Commerce - Customizable E-Commerce Platform

Galaxy Commerce™

The most innovative and flexible E-Commerce platform!

Galaxy Commerce ™

It was written in-house without a single line of third-party code. It features a suite of modules and components offering all standard features that any contemporary E-Commerce system has, plus a very carefully chosen set of proprietary features that will increase your revenue.

Galaxy Commerce core components and concepts have been used since 2009 to process massive volumes of sales and recurring transactions for large enterprise companies for which an out-of-the-box solution simply would not work.

By using our expertise and experience through the years in online payments, shopping carts, webstores, online store fronts, payment-gateway integrations, merchant accounts, we were able to outline, design, and implement a standard set of components and modules essential for any E-Commerce engine. Then we went further, adding a layer of custom features that we believe will make our platform unique, giving it a definite edge over our competitors.

Why are we so confident? - See how we are better than our competition.