Galaxy Commerce - Offers custom E-Commerce specific for your business

Why choose Galaxy Commerce?

Galaxy Commerce ™

Why chose Galaxy Commerce vs competition - Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Magento, and more...

GalaxyLinq has created 100% in-house its core products - Galaxy Commerce and Galaxy CMS. Offering e-Commerce website using own modules gives us the power to customize your website per your specific business needs.

If you are selling a standard product, the out of the box features of Squarespace, Shopify, Magento, and other e-commerce vendors will work equally well as ours. However, if you product has some specifics to it, or requires certain checkout sequence that is not so standard, then this is where GalaxyLinq can help -  Galaxy Commerce can be customized exactly per your requirements.

For example:

  • You need to collect certain information from your customers upon checkout - picture, image uploads,pdf documents, confident customer information -SSN, birth dates, etc.
  • You need to integrate your orders with certain fulfillment companies pushing data through secure third-party APIs
  • Your orders are not one-step checkout, but rather it is a process or workflow that you may define specific per your business
  • Customer may need to come back to your site, provide additional information, approve orders or provide feedback
  • You may need to authorize charges but not settle them right away, instead settle when order is shipped
  • You are selling a service, you charge X dollars down payment, and then bill your members automatically (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • You are a contractor and want to get more business, so you decide to offer our next job with X dollars down payment, and remaining balance billed in installments (every week, month, quarter, year)
  • You prefer to work with a specific merchant/payment gateway - we can connect our system with any payment gateway
  • So forth, there are countless examples where your specific requirements have been stopping you from selling online.

Customizing Galaxy Commerce to your specific needs is our specialty, it is what we do with 100% confidence!

Galaxy Commerce is a simple, fast, and reliable e-Commerce engine and when combined with GalaxyLinq expertise - we can deliver complex websites with custom logic to allow to take your business online. Our experts will talk to you to gather your requirements and get to work to code your changes in, vs chatting with tier1 support from competitors and in the end, you having to spent the time learning what is controlled from where, and after all hassles and wasted time - still missing some features.

We are not offering you to open an account, login, and "start selling in 5 mins". No, not at all - wish it was that easy... Instead, we will listen to what you need to get done and actually do it for you, and in the end "hand you the keys" to your online journey.

The choice is yours!