Galaxy Commerce ™ Standard E-Commerce Features

Galaxy Commerce™ Features

How are we better than our competition?

Galaxy Commerce ™
How are we better than our competition?
  • Inventory control and management
  • Flexible product multi-level nested grouping, resulting in quick and efficient filtering on the front end
  • Designed with SEO Friendly URLs and following all common SEO best practices, our solution will allow your SEO team to maintain, monitor, and improve your SEO rankings
  • Multiple currency support
  • Multiple front-end stores using one installation of Galaxy Commerce ™
  • Flexible shipping options
  • Pre-integrated options with common third-party fulfillment companies that can ship out your orders
  • Promotional discount codes. (Codes can be used unlimited number of times, may have restrictions like min subtotal of order, expiration date, can be bound to a certain product, product brand or category only.)
  • One-time discount codes and redeeming process. (Codes can be used only once, usually used with various deal sites which advertise and sell your products providing unique codes to customers which can then be redeemed on your site.)
  • Ability to create special offers and bundles of existing products containing unlimited number of SKUs, product brands and categories, or any combinations thereof, and sell them at a bundle at a discounted price. This is a very effective way to combine, promote, and sell items that have had lower buying demand as individual items
  • Ability to create multiple landing pages for multiple products - very useful when trying to market new products and brands relying on several designs that may differ from your overall look and feel of your site/store. This will allow you to try various selling concepts and designs easily, to find out which one works best for your particular case
  • Ability to sell products requiring future billing, re-billings, automatic payments, and automatic re-orders and re-shipments
  • Ability to sell subscription- and event-based products. Our software will ensure that the maximum number of seats are not exceeded
  • Fully integrated support for Internet Marketers and Affiliates including a dedicated login portal for your Affiliates to check stats and activity from any traffic referred to your site - Ability to mark your sales based on the original referring sites using affiliate tokens (up to three identifying pieces of information per affiliate), to keep track of sales per affiliate and calculate affiliate payouts and commissions
  • A dedicated login portal designed to be used in call-center environments for telephone-marketing campaigns from third-party call centers. The call-center portal can also be used in companies with multiple franchise offices, where users from multiple franchisee locations can log in to place orders in a controlled and secure fashion

Our engineers and our founder, Ivan Slavov, have worked in the E-Commerce industry for over a decade, having delivered numerous custom solutions, shopping carts, payment forms, and other ecommerce relevant projects. It has become clear to us what the ideal E-Commerce solution should be and what set of features it should have. We designed, architecture-ed, and implemented Galaxy Commerce ™ from the ground up using strong technical knowledge and expertise, real-life experience in the E-Commerce field, and extensive research and planning.

Galaxy Commerce ™ has no extra layers and no unnecessary third-party components to slow it down. It is designed with efficiency, performance, and volume in mind.

Galaxy Commerce ™ can be easily integrated with third party services. For example, it features real-time tax calculation from specialized partners, automatic orders batching to most common fulfillment companies, and real-time shipping quotes from US shipping providers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and more.

It supports 40+ payment gateways out of the box. If you are switching merchant accounts, chances are very high that we are probably already connected with your new payment gateway. If not, we are confident we can promptly connect to any Internet payment gateway in as little as one or two days.

Our product has an optional robust recurring-billing module that has been designed with volume and performance in mind. Our recurring-billing module can push high volumes of orders (in the tens of thousands) in just a few minutes through multiple payment gateways, and it will retry or cascade to alternate gateways if a payment gateway errors out. It is essentially a membership- and subscription-management system that can be applied to any business type or industry. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming the preferred model of doing business and getting paid today, and your business can benefit from this. Please let us discuss how, or please read more how recurring payments can benefit your business and increase your revenue.

We are confident that Galaxy Commerce ™ can accommodate all the requirements that your business has - if not out of the box, then with very minor adjustments. You should not have to alter your business selling models because your current shopping cart is not supporting certain features or processes. If you choose to use our online shopping cart and E-Commerce system, we promise there will not be any open ends in the overall solution - everything will be automated and integrated to the highest possible levels.