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Wholesale and B2B E-commerce with Galaxy Commerce Wholesale Module

Adding wholesale and B2B ordering to your online e-commerce portal could not be easier with Galaxy Commerce Wholesale module.

GalaxyLinq Wholesale module integrates seamlessly into our Galaxy Commerce Platform, and will allow you to easily create and manage your wholesalers. You may decide to allow interested parties to submit an online application to become your wholesale client or you may just create the wholesale accounts on your own via our integrated backend ecommerce CRM.

Once wholesale accounts are setup and activated, they can access a login protected wholesale website where they can browse and order wholesale specific products along with regular front end consumer products and will pay wholesale prices you designate to their account for each product. This way, you may be selling exact same product to your highest volume wholesalers at lower prices than to your less frequently ordering wholesalers who will pay higher price. And, at the same time the same product may be available at your public consumer (B2C) website with retail pricing. We have designed our Galaxy Commerce E-Commerce system and Wholesale Module so you don't have to replicate and create multiple products for each wholesaler and for public consumers/clients. Our GalaxyLinq E-Commerce solution will also include integrated inventory control and tracking for all products because it the end you are selling the same physical product (shirt, pen, golf club, etc) to both your wholesalers and public consumers/clients.

If you are not GalaxyLinq customer, please contact us to find out about Galaxy Commerce and its flexibility and features. Moreover, Galaxy Commerce Online E-commerce modules will integrate seamlessly with our content management system - Galaxy CMS. This way, you would deal with one vendor to maintain and support all your online business operations, including PCI compliant e-commerce and web hosting. And we guarantee, we will have an immediate answer to all your questions, effective support, and prompt turnaround for all software customizations because there are no third parties to rely on - it is our software, all written and maintained “in-house” at our main US East Coast location in Baltimore, MD.