How Do We Work? - Efficiency, Quality, Perfection How Do We Work? - Efficiency, Quality, Perfection

How we work?

High Efficiency and Experience = Enterprise Product Quality and Prompt Turnaround

How we work?

At GalaxyLinq, we like what we do, we take pride in what we do, and we strive for perfection and efficiency in making your next IT business idea, integration, or automation a reality and success.

Through the years, we have found our own unique and effective way of getting the job done properly, efficiently, and closely following your requirements and project specifications. We try to utilize maximum efficiency by using all of our knowledge and experience in the software engineering and programming fields to get projects done in a timely manner. High efficiency means lower overall products costs and ensures prompt project turnaround. It is not easy to turn quality work quickly at a low cost to you, but we have done it. Let us prove it to you – just initiate the conversion.

Unconditionally support client in the initial and early-post-deployment stages.

All of our solutions are designed, built, and implemented in way that will allow us to enhance your solution as business needs arise in the future, or when technology evolves or changes.

Because we produce all source code in house, we guarantee that will be able to analyze it, promptly troubleshoot it, identify possible issues and bugs, and urgently correct them free of charge.

We will not write a single line of source code before outlining and documenting our "plan of action". We would prefer to provide as much detail as possible. This way our development team can review and ensure that all objectives are clear, while the client can confirm that all requirements will be met and satisfied.

Regardless of project size, we believe that project documentation is essential pre-requisite and a requirement for a successful completion of any task. For any project, we would produce two versions:

  • A detailed project scope and timeline or delivery schedule for the client
  • Very detailed technical specs and deadlines for our engineers and development team

Maintenance and ongoing support options vary based on project size and client preference. We can support you on case-by-case bases, or we can propose several maintenance plans. Lastly, we can contract future maintenance work; make hires on your behalf; and dedicate, train, and manage exclusive trained support personnel for your business or organization.