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PayPal Payments Integration

We take care of getting you paid. So you can focus on what you do best.

PayPal Payments

We have worked with and successfully integrated PayPal Payments numerous times. Let us automate and streamline your online payment processes to save you time, increase sales conversions, sales volumes, and your revenue.

We are an official and proud PayPal partner. You can find GalaxyLinq in the PayPal Partner's Directory. We are very familiar with PayPal's various payment products and we are experts in integrating their online payment solutions to your website.

The preferred ad recommended solution for online merchants with custom shopping carts is PayPal Payments Pro - there are no long term contracts, you can cancel at anytime without any penalties or fees. You can expect to pay PayPal about $30 monthly plus roughly 3% per transaction (for up-to-date pricing and details please check PayPal's website). PayPal Payments Pro exposes very flexible, secure, and complete API so users can pay without leaving your website. Our Galaxy Commerce shopping cart modules are fully integrated with PayPal's API, and you can accept all major types of credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX right on your website.

Another very popular PayPal payment solution is PayPal Express Checkout. All you need is a free business PayPal account, and we can integrate and enable PayPal Express Checkout on your site - with this payment solution, users will be redirected to PayPal's website to enter their payment information. Once payment is confirmed and accepted, then users are redirected back to your website, and we can show custom thank you or invoice page to let the user know that their order went through successfully, show any custom upsells pages or special offers for related products.  What is great about PayPal Express Checkout is that you can basically accept credit cards orders without actually having a merchant account. If users decide to pay via PayPal Express Checkout, that makes the checkout a breeze because we can obtain from PayPal their contact and shipping information, so users can really checkout quick and easy - hence the name "Express Checkout".

Whether you need to take a one-time payment for products or services or bill your customers monthly using automated recurring payments, we are here to help - we can advise you, walk you through the process, and get you setup using the proper PayPal payment solution. We will also set you up with a shared hosted Galaxy Commerce Shopping Cart 30 day trial, so you can try out and test your new PayPal integration right away.