Galaxy CMS ™ - Standard Features and Custom Options

Galaxy CMS™

Very light and fast CMS based on Microsft.NET and SQL Server

Galaxy CMS ™

How are we different from and better than the competition?

Standard Features

  • Easy to use and intuitive web CMS Portal with full featured mobile device support
  • Multiple user support with resource-based access and permission levels
  • Overwrite prevention mechanism to ensure multiple users will not overwrite same content
  • Robust version control to view, review, or restore content from any point of time in the past when content was published
  • Permission-based access to publishing content
  • SEO-friendly URLs and all common SEO tools and best practices and principles implemented and exposed in easy and intuitive user interfaces
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Ability to easily add pixels and tracking code to monitor site activity through other vendors (Bing, Yahoo, etc)
  • Standard/Default content item types:
    - Generic Content Page
    - Image or File
    - Galleries / Recent Projects (used to showcase a product with ability to upload multiple images)
    - News
    - Events
    - Client Testimonials
    - Blogs
    - Image Rotators
    - Page Callouts
  • Ability to fully manage site navigation (header, footer, and auxiliary header and footer)
  • Ability to import and integrate third party web designs, html resources, and website templates
  • 301 and 302 redirects

Custom Features

  • Sites and Microsites: Effectively manage multiple microsites within the same corporate domain. This is a very useful and time saving feature in businesses having multiple locations, affiliates, centers, or franchisees offices. Each site usually has its own microsite to showcase its products, strengths, and capabilities. Corporate administrators can easily enforce specific content rules for the microsites, ensuring that specific content is present for all microsites, while allowing microsites admins to push their own content and customize other sections of their microsites to showcase specific information relevant to their locations. Read more
  • Integrated way to manage multiple locations, including maintaining a physical address for each: This allows addresses to be reverse geo coded, to obtain geographic longitude and latitude, to enable locations or sites to mapped. Furthermore, Galaxy CMS comes with an integrated interactive address or ZIP code search (using Google Maps API), to allow users to easily find sites in closer proximity. This feature has proven to be very beneficial when local audiences need to be targeted and attracted
  • Ability to define and use your own specific content-item types: You can create a custom template for any set of pages on your site that are repetitive, have similar page structure, or common elements. Using a custom template will allow you and your staff to easily edit the corresponding items while keeping consistent look and feel
  • Ability to tag any content item with keywords: Keywords are shown automatically when your pages are browsed, and also integrated on an interactive search page with auto complete of all the available keywords. This allows your users to quickly and easily get to their relevant content of interest. Keywords increase the time people spend on your site, which increases your search engine rankings and your position in the search results
  • Detailed reporting of user activity: Galaxy CMS ™ gives you the ability to review or replay users browsing sessions, analyze their browsing patterns, and determine what site section needs to be optimized based on where users are dropping off
  • Modules to be installed on your old sites and domains to preserve any SEO rankings you may have gained with your old sites – such custom modules will handle all requests to the old sites and properly 301 redirect them your new URLs. If this step is skipped, you may lose some SEO rankings because of the fact that some old/legacy URLs may not be valid any more