E-Commerce CRM for Memberships & Subscriptions

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E-Commerce CRM for Memberships & Subscriptions

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Have a business model where members are subscribing on yearly, monthly, weekly, or any custom frequency?  - Let us help you streamline and automate your periodic recurring billing and invoicing.

Galaxy Commerce CRM Subscriptions & Memberships E-Commerce component allows businesses from various types and industries to automate the recurring billing of their subscribers and members. If you are offering repeated services and sales of the same product to the same customers, and manually billing them every time, there’s a better way - Let us work with you to automate your process. We are confident our Galaxy E-Commerce CRM will help save time, resources, and money, and it will please your customers by offering them convenient payment options, ease of re-ordering, and an overall better consumer experience.

Just think of how you felt the first time you could pay your phone or utility bill online, and then how easy it was to do it the next month again - with just a click of a button. Offer the same convenience for your customers, make your business stand out, show to your customers that you are up to date with technology, and offer them the convenience of automated payments.

We offer a lot of options and are very flexible in programmatically exposing the status of your subscribers, so you or your actual service vendor has access to each account profile to ensure they are up to date on payments.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about subscription management and show you how our E-Commerce platform can improve and automate your current process of how your subscriptions and memberships are handled and fulfilled.