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Online Payments

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Online Payments

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What is an Online Payment?

It is the process of obtaining customer's billing information online; automatically submitting it to your merchant bank for processing through an online-payment gateway; receiving, interpreting, and processing a real-time result; and finalizing and recording the transaction - all in about two seconds!

Online payments may seem complicated, but for us they are a straightforward process because we have implemented this process, along with its numerous variations and customizations, hundreds of times. This is why we consider any online payment solution a turnkey solution, because we have all the underlying base components – tested, proven, and ready to build on.

Types of Online Payments

The most common way to pay online is using a credit and/or debit card. To process credit and/or debit card payments you would need to open a merchant account and an online payment gateway. Results from credit card payments are immediate.

With other variations, like ACH payments and check payments, results are never instantaneous. In those cases final results are available within one to two days, depending on your bank.

There are also payment providers, like PayPal, where you can accept an online payment without even having a merchant account. An example of this type is PayPal Express Checkout.

We have done all of these types of payments, and we can quickly and easily customize them and deploy them for you!

The most complete and fully integrated way to process an online payment is right on your own website using credit and/or debit card. But in order for the merchant banks to allow you to take payments on your site, there are numerous Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PSI DSS) compliance requirements that you must meet, staring with installing SSL certificate on your site. You can be assured that if we develop and host any online payment solution, you will be automatically compliant with all PCI DSS rules and requirements.

We are online payments experts. Just let us prove it to you!

Proven Payment

We have worked with more than 40 different payment gateways and merchant banks, and your payment gateway or merchant bank is most likely one of the proven components in Galaxy Commerce ™ - which means we can help you start taking online payments in no time.

Customize Your
Payment Solution

We have vast experience and expertise, and we are confident we can advise, recommend, build, and host the most cost effective, practical, and efficient custom solution for your business to accept online payments.

Highest Sensitive
Data Security

Financial and credit card data is sensitive information and should be treated as such! We can assure you, we have implemented all required procedures, requirements, and measures to ensure your sensitive information is kept private and secure in a PCI DSS compliant environment.