GalaxyLinq Hosting Running on Azure DS Series, SSD

All Hosted Clients on SSD Servers

Blazing fast storage = even more responsive front-ends

Hosted on Servers with SSD drives

As of Jan 19, 2016 ALL hosted GalaxyLinq clients are on SSD servers!

After collaborating with Microsoft experts on the Azure Tour Event in DC on Jan 11th, it was a no brainer not to take advantage of the recently released DS Series VMs - faster servers using SSD based storage. No more "classic" deployments. We are using Azure "resource" model deployments, taking advantage of all features offered - Virtual networks, multiple subnets, internet facing load balancers (ILB), network security groups (NSG), and more.

With our experience (and with Microsoft Azure tech support help), we were able to transition all of our hosting load to DS Series virtual machines in resource deployment model in exactly one week - it is all about speed and performace now!